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    Default Is the road construction finished?

    In June 2009 we went to CN. There was alot of road construction and they were building a new bridge. This made the ride from the airport to CN longer (about 2- 2 1/2 hours). On the way back to the airport we took TimAir.
    Does anyone know if that road construction is finished?

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    There is still road construction on the west side of Montego Bay. The new bridge is done. The construction is really not that big of a deal. It probably only delays the ride to Negril 10 minutes at most.

    No worries.

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    So... it sounds like the ride is taking everyone around 1 1/2 hours???

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    That's correct. It really depends on how long the beer stop is. One year our driver stopped three times on our way to Negril. Once for beer, once for gas, and once for a potty break.

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    Three times!?!?!?! oh my god I think I would have killed that driver, LOL. Last time we stopped once for a drink/pee break...this year I would prefer to take no none of the above...if the people on our couples shuttle agree I would love not to stop at all, gets you to CSA quicker!

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    Yep. I was ready to drive the bus there myself and leave the driver standing. The only time we have never stopped was when we got into Montego Bay at 10:00pm. Have a vote and tell the driver not to stop...

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    Three times is a bit much, I agree. We always look forward to the stop, it only adds about 15 minutes on the trip and you get to meet & talk to some of the locals.

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    we have asked the driver NOT to stop and he will not stop and it only takes 1 hour.

    We have been going to Negril for over 10 years and there is always road construction, usually the construction is good in the long run.

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    That is the main reason we do a private transfer - I am not interested in stopping and just want to get to the resort. I have been with groups that want to stop every 20 minutes for a beer and break. It is really not fair to those that do not but there is no way to resolve that so we pay to go at our own pace.

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    Caviargal - who do you use for private transportation and what did it run you to get to CSA?

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    We arrived at CN 2 days ago and the road construction from Mo Bay is not completed yet.

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    I hope we stop. I am not there just to see the resort. I am there to see Jamaica!! I would not mind stopping to see locals!!

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    You mean to tell me my one lane bridge is gone

    That was the thrill of the day.

    The ride to CN usually takes about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours and that is having the driver go at a safe speed.

    RELAX and ENJOY you'll soon get there don't rush the adventure.

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    Last year we used Kenny and this year we are trying Gregg Connell and have used Clive in the past as well.

    I have also used Tim Air for flights quite a few times.

    It is running $70 each way for 2 for the private. For us it is worth it.

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