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    Default what's in the minibar?

    We are going to be staying in a beachfront instead of an atrium this time so it will be our first time with a minibar at CSA. I was just wondering what is in the minibar and how it works. I have seen people talk about a list but I'm not sure what they mean. Do they just refill what has been used when they come for turn down service or is the list what we use to tell them what we need? Maybe it is something else entirely. Thanks!

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    We were just at CSA, and here is what was in our BFVS: Juices (orange, pineapple, cranberry, clamato); soda (Ting, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi); bottled water; beer; club soda; red and white wine; vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey. The minibars are replinished during the day. They just replace whatever you have used. You can always leave notes if you want more of something (say, more Diet Pepsi, less Pepsi). But there isn't an actual list that you tick off.

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    not red stripe lol

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    I agree, that pretty much covers it! They also have a coffee pot. We had to ask for a different one, because the one in the room didn't work. They replaced it, no problem. We only used it a couple times because we ordered the continnental every morning, just for the coffee and fruit to enjoy until we decided to go to breakfast. Our BFVS was the best, 4121. Enjoy

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    It's pretty much as they described it. I know they had four basic hard liquors, and a check list if you wanted to change out any of them, although they weren't brand-specific. (I'd also forgotten that "whiskey" means something else to non-Americans, and got Scotch whiskey instead of Jack Daniels).

    And as Ge said, there's a coffee pot in the room; like Ge, we didn't use it because we always got the continental breakfast to start the morning before the "real" breakfast, and sit out on the porch to enjoy the view.

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    Can you get a bottle of Rum Creme for the minibar? That would make up for the lack of redstripe

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    I had read there was no red stripe but luckily I don't really like beer. More for you guys!

    Sounds good though! Thanks!

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    how do you do the continental every morning at your room please and what kind of coffee do they bring with it also can you have a brakfast on your balcony whenb you awake how does that work...........please respond and send recent pics to this e-mail address thank you john-n-nancy

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    Are you able to get other types of whiskey?

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    the breakfast in the room is ordered nightly by a door hanger that is on the door handle inside your room. simply fill it out, put in the time you want it delivered and place it on the door outside by the time required. no problem mon.


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    2bbs ~ You can have your continental breakfast anywhere you want. We usually have our on the balcony and enjoy the 'waking up' of the resort.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'what kind of coffee do they bring', it is Blue Mountain if that is what you are asking.

    Neals79~ Not being a whiskey drinker, I don't know if you can get other kinds in your room, but JD is available at the bars.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I am not a lover of fresh coffee, I prefer mine to come in granual form out of a jar but I mainly drink tea, has to be made with boiling water, strong and served with skimmed milk. Can't abide milky tea.

    Can you tell I'm a Brit and more importantly a Northerner, we like our tea strong upt north.

    Anyhow, I only drink tea at home for the reasons listed above so I wondered whether it would be possible to get Hot Chocolate in the morning with room service.

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