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    Default live from CN

    Just arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. They are setting up for a big Valentine's event. There are big waves today and it was fun to ride them in. So far it has been everything everyone has said. More to come.....

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    Default more please!

    We have not been to CN in a year but are planning to return in March. Please send details of how wonderful it still is! Do you scuba dive? Please tell the guys at the scuba hut that Glenn and Kait say Hi!!!!! Thank you so much!

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    Wow, usually the water in the bay is very calm like a lake!

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    Default LIVE from CN...

    If you can, keep the posts coming! We'll be there in 11 more sleeps and would appreciate any details/comments you are willing to share - THANKS!!! We'd be interested in diving details as well...Thanks again and ENJOY!!!

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    Sorry we don't scuba dive. But I will say hi for you. Everything has been right on target from what I read on message boards for the past 5 months. The service is exceptional, food is outstanding, and my new love, MIAMI VICE. YUMMY!!!

    It just rained but the sun is starting to poke through. We are going on the Cat Cruise this afternoon. Can't wait. Went snorkeling yesterday and that was fun. The Valentine's Dinner was so beautiful. They decorated with lighted hearts, ice sculptures, etc... I will post pictures when I get back.

    It is true about the chairs. I have a great view of the beach from my room and each morning there are many who reserve the chairs. But there are still plenty to be found later on. You just might not have a spot in the shade.

    I will post more....

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    Default more drinks to try

    Have a purple rain and also a nutty Jamaican! Yum Yum

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    ruber - looks like we were there the same time as you -we arrived on friday, 2/12 and left on friday, 2/19. We were on the same Cat Cruise, too. And, I too discovered the Miami Vice! ha ha. Had an excellent time - only drawback was that our luggage arrived two days later than we did - thanks to Delta cancelling a leg of our flight! If you saw two guys playing little travel guitars on the beach, one of them was my husband! Hope to get back there some day.

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    Hi Linda,

    Sorry we didn't get to meet. Just developed my pictures and showed them to the kids. I am having major withdrawals. Want to go back now! Oh well, guess we'll have to save...

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