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    Default Newbies coming in July...couple of questions

    Hi everyone!! My husband and I along with our friends will be arriving at CTI July 1-8 and we are so excited we can't even contain ourselves. This message board has been great with helpful tips, etc but I have a few more wierd questions, I am hoping you can help me out.

    1. Is there special attire required for the horseback riding? (long pants, closed toe shoes, etc)

    2. Is there a restocking fee for the mini-bar?

    3. Are there "hidden charges" anywhere that we should be prepared for?

    Any other pointers would be great.

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    1. The special attire isn't required....but for your own enjoyment, you probably would appreciate having on pants and closed toe shoes....the shoes may be a requirement....I can't imagine horseback riding in flip flops.

    2. There is no restocking fee for the mini bar, if you have one they will restock it daily.

    3. Hidden charges, no. But you will want to have money to tip drivers, the people at the salons, and possibly for the gift shop or other tours. The horseback riding doesn't allow you to take your own pictures, and then they offer you a CD/DVD (I can't remember which) for $15. The catamaran cruise has a CD you can buy, I think it was $8, and you'll want to tip that staff. If you want to go to the salon without credits, you'll have to pay for those things as well....

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    I wore bermudas last trip as I didn't think we were going riding this time. It was the first thing hubby booked so I had no pants. I was taking yoga pants and forgot them. My legs got scratched by the brush on the hillside. I answered the rest of your questions on your other post. Did you post on the Meet -Up thread. There is a July 2010 thread. Some fun people will be there when you are there.

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