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    10:00 pm tuesday night. Just heard all airports have reopened after airlines and aircraft manufacturers have proved no problems for aircraft. In fact they just admitted it could have been cleared several days ago. Typical putting us through the stress.
    Anyway tomorrow the 10 day picture countdown will begin.

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    Only 2 weeks to go, I can't wait to meet you all!!!!!!

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    We just booked last week! we'll be there for the 1st time May 1-8, celebrating our 10-yr anniversary! ~Andrea & Bart, DC/VA

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    Default Important calls for a UK friend

    I called the top officials at Heathrow airport. They opened immediately. I put in a "stop" order with the volcano service department as well. My last phone call today was to the Appleton Rum Delivery Manager. We will have plenty of Rum in Negril for our stay. Did all I can do Kevin.....

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    OK then......
    10 days to go
    Picture of our wedding at CN 1st July 2006
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    Default Whoot Whoot 15 Days to go!!

    It won't be long now15 more sleeps for us. Hopefully I can now uncross my fingers and toes. Yeah, It looks like Kevin and Becky will get to fly out after all.I was getting worried as who was going to be the boss at the office! hehe... Looking forward to great drinks, fun cat cruise, meeting new friends, great food & beautiful sunsets.

    Looking forward to Kevins count down pictures.

    In the photo is Rasta Ralphie on the booze cruise..What fun!
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    Peaceful afternoon nap in Texas....
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    Our afternoon nap location at Couples....hmmm....must have gone to get drinks
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    Thanks to Mike for his hard work in getting the european airline business operating again. I know he is now organising for 100,000 brits to get back home in the back of his trucks......

    Time for 9 day countdown picture.....Bit of a sad one. Me and the sadly departed Stuton on mine and Becky's wedding day.
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    Check back tomorrow for day 8

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    here's a quiet morning in Missouri. At least for Dennis. Not so much for the turkey.
    Kevin, loved your picture of you and Stuton. That was truly a sad day when he departed this world.
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    Melissa was our last "Office" manager. I sure hope her smiling face will be present for the first meeting in 2010.
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    And now.........Day 8 of the countdown.

    It's my little brother Richard "English" from the dive shop.
    Anyone thinking of giving scuba a go, don't miss out and sign up for the resort dive. It will take a morning of your time and you get to dive in the ocean to 30ft. Who knows I may even be helping out on the day.
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    p.s. Mike please email me your home number and we will call you over the weekend

    p.p.s. GOOOOOOOO Cocks

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    Day 7 of the countdown.....Yep just one week till we are in the air.
    Pretty picture today..
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    Default Catamaran Safety Tip

    If you are going to consume more than a few Rum Punch, sit closer inward on the Cat Cruise......
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    It's day 6.
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    And down to 5 days..

    Another one of the office prior to business hours..
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    Three days to go and someone else makes breakfast.....
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    Default This one is for my wife.....

    I know she'll be on the message board tonight. The best 10 years of my life has been with my lady. Looking forward to many more years
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    Congrats to Mike and Amanda on their 10th anniversary.
    Only two more sleeps for you guys heh....

    For anyone who was wondering...yes the sea in Negril really is this colour and this clear. Looks like a pool eh..

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    One day away. Not worth a flip at work now....

    Picture from the cave looking at the long swim back to the Cat. Take a life jacket. Even if you don't wear it, take it.

    One last pic for tomorrow.... Becky will enjoy
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    We will be there May 3-11 for our first trip to CN on our honeymoon. 6 more days until paradise!! We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

    Miranda and Tim
    CA and NC
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    3 days to go........
    Every day is Christmas at Couples
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    Default "Becky"

    If you see this lady during vacation, approach with courtesy and caution. This guy winked at her.....I can't show the pic of what he looked like when Kevin was done with him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjaz9r View Post
    ....from 1st of May to 15th...
    Kevin - I'm guessing you may know, but I believe your arrival day (5/1) is Tennyson's birthday. Please celebrate with him for us.

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    Hi Rudi,
    It's certainly around this time. He had just celebrated when we arrived last may which would have been around the 4th of May.
    We'll be sure to say hi to him from you.

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