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    My husband and I are going to CSA next Saturday the 20th for the first time. We are worried about the extended forecast! Starting the 20th there is a 40-60% chance of rain until the 24th! I know you can't always count on the weather reports etc but are worried just the same.

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    Don't worry. It almost always calls for rain in Jamaica. Without rain, it wouldn't be so lush and tropical. The rain is usually just an afternoon shower.

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    Don't worry. It show rain almost all the time. If it does rain generally it is only for a short time and then it get sunny again. The Jamaicans call it liquid sunshine!

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    Default there is always rain

    There is always rain in the forecast!!! We were worried as well prior to our first trip as the last thing you want is rain your whole vacation. Except for recently when a system hung over them typically what happens is a storm will blow in last 30 minutes to an hour then gone.. beautiful rainbows and a nice day afterward. Dont let the things you cant controll worry you, its jamaica no worries!!!

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