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    Hi everyone,
    I know that CN is smaller than CSA but for those that have visited both how does it compare?
    Does it feel over crowded? How does the Spa and Gym facilities match up? What about entertainment etc?
    From the map it does not appear to have a bar on the beach like CSA, if not do they provide a green flag service? How is the beach? Is it still easy to book up for the restaurants etc?
    And anything else you feel its good to know about. I guess most services are the same, turn down service, products in the room etc etc. Would just like to know from those that have visited both how they compare. Many thanks in advance for any replies.


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    The back side of the swim up bar is steps from the beach and there is a soda/juice self serve kiosk right on the beach. And they have better than green flag service, RED flag service!

    I've only visited CN, but you're going to Couples, the service with be excellent and you will want for nothing no matter which you go to, i'm sure.

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    CN NEVER feels crowded. It is laid out very well and only has 200 or so rooms. The beach is fabulous. Nice and deep. I felt like the CN beach seemed less crowded as it is so deep that people could spread out and not be on top of each other.

    CSA has CN beat on the gym facilities. It is second to none. Know as the best gym in the Caribbean.

    There is a bar on the backside of the swim up bar and it is close to the beach. It didn't seem any farther away than the bar on the beach at CSA. CN does have red flag service. You could always head over to the AN beach which has it's own bar steps away from you.

    We've never had a problem booking restaurants even when the resort was 100% occupied.
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    We have never felt that CN was over crowded and we have been there when it is at full capacity. You never have to scramble for a chair or a float and there is still a lot of space between you and the other guests while on the beach.

    The back side of the swimup bar and Hellconia is accessible from the beach with ease. There is also a self serve bar on the beach with Red Stripe, sodas, rum, vodka, etc. Also there is Red Flag service.

    We have also never had any issues with getting into our restaurants of choice. And the beach by the way is wonderful. Even though it is smaller then CSA it is portioned for the number of guests and size does not mean less services, they are all there.

    We love the intimate feel of CN.
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    You will never feel like the resort is crowded even when it is at full capacity. At that stage you might encounter some small waiting periods but there is plenty of room on the beach.

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    Drinks are great. It's true that they have RED FLAG service on the beach. Stick the flag in the sand in within a short time, you will be brought the drink that you asked for. If not, walk up to the bar at the Pool and you may get it there.

    Negril is only 183 rooms if I was told right so it's smaller but boy is it nice. We met a couple from Sweptaway and they said there wasn't much difference other than it's smaller and quieter at Negril.

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    Default Fitness Facilities

    CSA has an open-air gym with cardio equipment, an air-conditioned studio for fitness class, air-conditioned squash/racquetball courts, an Olympic size swimming pool for swimming laps, tennis courts, and a running track.

    CN has an air-conditioned gym with cardio equipment, an open-air studio for fitness classes, and tennis courts.

    While CSA's fitness center is superior in its vastness, CN's fitness center works better for me. I work out every morning and prefer to use cardio equipment in an air-conditioned gym, and CN has television sets to look at. I use my iPod and listen to music but still like to have something to look at. When I do Pilates, I like the outdoor studio b/c I can get a deeper stretch in the warmer temperatures.

    At CSA, the cardio equipment is in the open-air gym and faces a mirror, and there are no television sets, so I just had to either watch every moment tick by on the digital display or stare at myself in the mirror and watch myself grow sweatier by the moment. If I were to take an aerobics class, I would prefer to take it at CSA b/c, again, I prefer doing my cardio in an air-conditioned facility.
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    CN is compact, but you can still get plenty of exercise walking along the entire strip of beach, swimming, and of course participating at the gym. We liked the close proximity of buildings, because we went with two other couples. While we had rooms in separate buildings, that didn't stop us from visiting back and forth (and on one morning, we all had out breakfast together, with champagne\orange juice). The beach was beautiful, very clean, and the water was extremely warm (pretty much like bath water - which is amazing for an ocean). Restaurants were great - especially the asian restaurant. If you do, make sure to sign up for the kitchen tour with chef. It was really fun.

    Our recommendation for room block - building 6. Great view of the ocean, and unobstructed by palms\hedges. Right beside the main pool, so you could go for a late night swim, or close enough to take a run over to the Au Naturel side to go in the hot tub at night.
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    We were at Couples Negril this year and was told that it was at full capacity. I would not call it crowded and it did not seem to have any affect on the activities that we wished to participate in. We have only been to Couples Negril so we can't make a direct comparison to CSA.

    It's very easy to book a dinner for the Otaheite Restaurant.. It's the only one that requires a reservation as I recall... Just beware there is a dress code for this restaurant (ie. no shorts or sandals for the guys.. collared shirts...) Excellent place! Don't miss it! (Our favorite it the Lychee less formal.. more relaxed.. brighter!)

    It's a Couples Resort... "YAH CAN'T GO WRONG MON..."!
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