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Thread: Golfing at CSS?

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    We are newbies to couples and jamacia. Visiting from Canada March 6. We were wondering if i is worth it to bring our clubs? We would like to play a couple of times as our season here does not get rolling until late April. How is the course? Is it tough to get tee times. I know you need a caddie but is it an easy walk or is a cart a must

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    My wife and I walked the course twice when we played there in 2005. It isn't very hard at all especially since you have a caddie carrying your clubs. Bringing your own clubs is really a personal choice. It think a lot depends on how picky you are and the cost difference between what your airline might charge and what it costs to rent. I don't think tee times are ever a problem.

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    Default golf at CSA

    Don't bother to bring your clubs. The rentals are very nice Nike or Callaway, new sets, some hybreds. Share a caddie and get a cart, that way you will have someplace to keep your beers. We had a blast and I thought the place was very nice. No, it's not a "hard" place to play. I am a hacker and had a ball. It's just so danged pretty there. NO SNOW!

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    Every time we go to Jamaica we bring our clubs. They are a little expensive to rent and if you play twice you'll recover the baggage cost.
    Besides there is nothing like your own clubs if you have a decent handicap.
    The course you will be playing is very friendly.
    My Bride and I will play most every day we're there in April.
    Bill & Karen, San Antonio, TX, Been to CTI and CN.
    Been to Jamaica 5 times including CTI & CN before our trip scheduled for April 14-22, 2010 to CSS.
    We renewed our vows on our 25th anniversary in Jamaica.

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    Thanks for all of your input. Our airline does not charge extra for clubs so it looks like we will bring them. I would prefer to have my own anyway because I know how far they will go when I throw them.

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    If you get a cart, you only have to get 1 caddie? What does he/she do?

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