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    Default Departure time from Couples Negril back to airport?

    We are looking into using the departure lounge at the The Mobay club on return to the airport. In trying to make this decision, we have read on the message board that the shuttle departs anywhere from 4 to 5 hours before your airplane departure time. In trying to make a decision to use the The Mobay club or not, we are wondering if anyone lately can tell us what was the time you departed from Couples Negil resort. Was it 4 hours before departure of 5 hours. We have a 1 in the afternoon departure from the airport. I just emailed the resort and I would imagine it will sometime this week before I hear back from them. We are trying to make sure that we will have some time in The Mobay lounge to make it worth the money. Thanks, for you help.

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    The resort will determine your departure bus time based off you flight data and how many guests are leaving that day. I would guess a 9:30 departure for a 1:00 flight, especially if you leave on a Saturday. Mobay has a fast line through their TSA and its worth it. Also, the Mobay lounge is nice if you want something to drink or eat before your flight.

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    Most of the times we have left the resort, the drive started 3 hrs. before our flight time.

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    Welcome to Couples,

    Your departure time from your Couples resort depends upon the scheduled departure time of your flight out of Sangster International Airport. When you arrive at the resort you enter your departure flight information on a form. Couples uses this information to schedule the sad bus ride back to Montego Bay. The shuttle busses to the airport leave about every 30 minutes.

    4 to 5 hours seems about right. Couples is very good about getting you to the airport on time for your flight. It takes about an hour and a half for the bus ride. Depending upon the day of the week and time of year the lines at the airline ticket counter can be long. The line for security processing can also be long depending upon the day of the week and time of year. They get you to the airport in plenty of time to make your flight.

    We have used the Club Mobay departure service a few times. It worked well for us. It doesn't help any with the line at the airline ticket counter but will definitely get you through the security processing faster. This will get you to the lounge faster. We will usually find our gate before we go to the lounge.

    The Club MOBAY departure lounge has two levels. The lower level is nicer but may be crowded. You can get something to eat, included with the price. There is a bar, included with the price. There are also some storage lockers you can use so you don't need to drag your carry on bags around if you decide to cruise the shops in the departure terminal.

    Worth it? A matter of opinion. But we like it. We are using the Club Mobay Arrival and Departure service for our next trip.

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    The shuttle departure time is generally 4 hours before your flight

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    It was 4 hours last week.

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