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    Default another first timer

    Jusy wanted to say this message board is great. We have gotten so much useful information from it. We are planning our first trip to CN in june. I have looked at so many different sites to book our trip. The wednesday specials look so good!!! I am just worried about trying to wait until a special comes out for CN in the time period we are going. Looks like you can save quite a bit by using the special. I just am worried airfare is going to go up and it end up costing even more money for the trip. If anyone has used the wed, special is it really worth the chance or should I just go ahead and book it. Thanks in advance and looking forward to getting to CN.

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    I have only seen one special that pertained to CN. Don't wait for that.

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    You can always go ahead and book through Couples and if a special comes up they will change your booking.

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    Default thanks dandj

    WOw more good info thanks. Didn't think they would change it if a wednesday special on it came up. Will most likely book through couples then!!!

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