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    Default Issues with Couples booking online

    Has anyone else had issues with the booking section? Iím using my iPad as in previous years and the booking pages are not user friendly. The calendar pops up and I have to arrow many times to get to the 2020 month I want. I then select a day and the page jumps back and puts the date in the departure date. Then I when I select the calendar again, it is back to this month and I have to arrow forward again to the month I want. It wasnít this difficult last year to search different dates and compare prices. Iím about to give up.
    *****Perhaps, staff that runs the booking engine will tweak it a little since they are always changing or adding to the site.
    Guess Iíll have to pull out the laptop another day and try that.

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    I have no problem with this using Chrome. This forum is a different story. Most of the buttons in this reply page are invisible. However, I have been using this forum for several years and know they exist. If I hover over where the button is located I can see some text showing the description. I can click on the invisible button and it works.
    Jack and Kathy
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