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    Default What is the policy on inflatables and drones?????

    Dear CRO...

    OK... I'm seeing a couple of disturbing trends among some folks at SweptAway. I thought there were Couples policies regarding each of them, but I don't know if they are being ignored by management, or if they've simply been rescinded.

    One is that I am seeing more and more inflatables on the beach. Not just beachballs, mind you, or drink holders; but I'm seeing large blow-ups like flamingoes and even rafts. In May of this year, my wife and I noticed a beach ball wandering up and down the beach, on the waterline, in the water by the ropes. After seeing it meandering on a second day, we deflated it and took it to our verandah. We saw a note scribbled on it encouraging "the finder" to pass it on to someone who can use it. Think of that... the owner couldn't even be bothered to dispose of it back home. We took it to the public beach and gave it to a mom who was there with her kids.

    In fairness, I can't say definitively that this was a SweptAway guest. But today, there was a post on a Facebook page for SweptAway with photo of three LARGE inflatables on a pathway to the beach, with a notice for someone to "adopt" them for use.

    I admire Couples for their stand on reducing plastic waste by eliminating disposable bottles and straws. I THOUGHT there was a policy on inflatables... has this changed? This is an Adults-Only resort, after all... kiddies should be staying with their parents next door.

    Second, I've noted on the same Facebook page that there are several inquiries about bring drones to the beach at SweptAway. Again, I see this as an annoyance as well as an invasion of my privacy and personal space. I'd like to think we can let our hair down a bit and enjoy our time at our favorite beach without having to worry about some drone jockey taking videos and pictures of us without our consent. And again, I thought there was a Couples policy; but more than one comment on these posts have indicated that drone use has been cleared by "Couples management". I thought the policy was to avoid a "buzz kill" (pardon the pun) to those hoping to enjoy themselves... you know... "RENEW".

    It was wonderful that the resort industry put a stop to the annoyance of jet-skis up and down the beach, albeit due to a few horrible tragedies. Please, can you define the policy on these noisemakers?


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Yamon. And the people you ask to turn off their music or put their buds in. Nope. Their listening. How about a simple policy of beach etiquette

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    I was wondering if anyone bothers to read the messages anymore. Good questions, with no response.

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