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    Default First Timers - key to asking wife

    Now that weve been to Couples AN on 3 vacations, Ive reflected on how important it is to ask wife carefully if shed like to try AN for the 1st time.

    I was petrified asking my wife if shed be willing to try AN, we had never been to any sort of nude beach. My concern is as that Id offend her or that shed think I was a pervert.

    I asked her in a very low pressure way, what would you think about this? I also promised that with Couples we could try it for 10 minutes and if it was not pleasant we could bail. The research that I was able to do on this message board was very helpful for knowing tbe facts and what to expect.

    Her response was that shed be open to trying. Hooray!

    We were nervously excited and the rest is history. We fell in love with AN. Now we keep going back.

    I have found that other couples we have gotten to know at Couples have experienced almost this identical journey.

    My encouragement to the men out there is to ask gently .... but definitely ask! Be ready with your research.

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    This also goes for the women out there that want to try but their hubbies are concerned. This is what happened to So happy you guys took the plunge and loved AN. This will be our 8th visit in the 9 years and we have made friends across the globe thanks to SSB

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