Hello everyone, I am sure this question/topic has probably been asked countless times but I don't seem to see anything recent regarding my question. My husband and I were originally planning a September 2020 one week stay as CSS but with the recent news that renovations will start in late spring, I have decided that CTI would be a better option as we are first time travelers and have never gone out of the country and in fact, have never gone on vacation at all in the 25 years we have been married. I simply don't want the experience to include a resort that may be partially open. So .... my question is what is the best time to book at the best price for Couples resorts ? I've been keeping an eye on pricing but from what I have been seeing there isn't much fluctuation. Should I just go ahead and book and not worry about it because there won't be that much difference in pricing or is there a good time of year to keep in mind ?

Thanks so much !!! Kindra