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    Is body jewelry common on the beach?
    Has anyone made any interesting jewelry pieces (post pics if appropriate)that can jazz-up a couple of fish-belly-white winter bleached bodies? We'd like to get some nice pieces that go around the waist, although we are always concerned about the fish taking a shine to it while snorkeling!!!!
    Can you readily buy beach-type body jewelry at the resort or does anyone have any good websites where you can buy some? Not looking for the piercing stuff though cause I am self admitted whimp when it comes to pain!

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    on our first trip to the a/n beach there were some ladies there with some lovely chains around their waists. I must admit, they were quite attractive. I came home and purchased something that would work, but forgot to pack it the next trip. Since then, I have not seen anyone wearing them. However, you have sparked my memory, and I will pack them for our next trip!

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    Hi Oldyweds! Nice to hear from you. Our group is all booked for next nov-dec again. You two be there then. We sure are missing sun here in Ohio.

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    Not looking for the piercing stuff though cause I am self admitted whimp when it comes to pain!

    That being said there are websites that sell clamp on type jewelry for personal parts of your body; for those that have the same fears as you pertaining to piercings. I have never seen any statement from Couples management regarding any type of body jewelry and I am happy there isn't. I am sure they do not wish to restrict any certain type of people from visiting their resorts; which IMO is a good thing. Next thing you know they may would discriminate against something like tattoos. I am glad they leave those choices to individuals. I would have to believe that they have visitors that have pierced body parts. I have no problem with them; however if you wish to not draw attention to yourself, wearing jewelry in certain places would be counter productive. That being said if you have no problem with drawing attention or if maybe that is your intent then I say go for it. I think most would not care, that is usually the mindset of those that use the AN areas. I have seen piercings on both males and females in private areas of the body and for me only one is really hard to take or even understand..that is the Prince Albert. OUCH. As far as I am each his/her own.

    As far as looking for belly chains...just google it. You will get plenty results. For other body parts, that I will not mention here, just google the "body part" preceded by or followed with words like "non piercing jewelry", "huggers", or the word "clamp".

    My wife has some of the above and most figure that adorning body the same as any other body it ears, belly, nose, lip, eyebrow,...etc.

    As far as waist chains they are no different than bracelets, anklets, necklaces....they just seem to attract more attention, people seem to notice or pay more attention to them.
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    I got one of these

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    I have not seen a lot of jewelry other than wedding rings, earrings, and some necklaces. Most people that go to a AN sunbathing area are after a no tan line tan, so that cuts down on the body jewelry.
    Irie Mon

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    Hello 2havinfun! Yes, we are booked also, and are coming earlier than last year. We will be there on Friday after T-day. More snow today...I need a sun fix!

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    Default Body Jewelry

    I bought a long silver necklace, altered the clasp to make it a waist chain and it turned out great. I've also got nipple shields which are non piercing jewelry off the internet. Just google non piercing body jewelry and you should be able to find anything you want.

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    I hear that vagazzling is the new thing! Very cool in an AN setting.....

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    Default Vajazzled...

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is apparently a big fan...

    Must have been a slow news day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonhikn View Post
    I hear that vagazzling is the new thing! Very cool in an AN setting.....
    Nicey Nice !!!

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    Black, yellow and green body crystals would be cool in Jamaica!

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