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    Default SSI diver certified / information on open water dives

    We are both recently SSI certified for diving. We need to complete our open water dives while we are at CTI. Does anyone know if there would be a conflict between the SSI and PADI certification?

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    According to an article on

    "The main difference between agencies is where they operate. Some agencies such as BSAC and CMAS are closely related to their countries of origin, while other agencies such as PADI are truly global organizations. All of the most popular agencies offer very similar courses from beginner through to professional level and will all recognize each other's qualifications at recreational level. They may not recognize each other's qualifications at professional level."

    You can find the entire article at

    You can also send an email to CTI and ask them, but be patient on a response as they don't get back to you quickly.
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