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    Default 1st time couplers - CTI review

    Got back from CTI about a week ago (we were there Jan 30 - Feb 6), and neither of us have stopped thinking about how wonderful a trip it was.

    We've experienced all inclusives before, but never like Couples does it. All the posts on this site and reviews on others were bang on. Wow!! We're hooked on Couples and weren't home 24 hrs before we were planning our next visit.

    Atmosphere was unbeatable - never felt more relaxed or at home while on vacation.

    Room was great - balcony had awesome pool/beach/ocean/island views (will try to attach picture). Falling asleep and waking up to ocean waves outside your patio doors was awesome(and I mean right outside - not 100 metres back like most resorts). Would have liked a mini-bar fridge in the room, but it was only a 60 second walk to the bar at night and breakfast with coffee and juice delivered every morning (no charge)almost made up for it.

    Food was excellent - Eight Rivers was exquisite, Bayside romantic, Verandah relaxed and Buffet always had great flavours (Duck L'Orange was outstanding) and good selection.

    Activities are plentiful and included, but we missed most because we didn't want to leave the resort (really, why would ya?). We did make Dunn's River, snorkeling and shopping. Those we talked to said horseback riding, catamaran cruise, etc were lot's of fun (but really... why leave such a beautiful resort...)

    As lots of posts have already mentioned, the staff is awesome!! They make you feel like a Queen/King (ok... "Milady" and "Big Boss"... if you don't get it - go to Couples - you will). Special kudos to Captain Kirk, Francine, Antoinette and Delroy. Roger too, for taking us on a great catamaran ride when it was too rough to go out alone (surfing waves back in was way cool).

    As for "The Island" - not saying we went. But if we did, it would have been the perfect first AN experience (and second, and third.... "we really should get back for horseback riding...or do you just wanna relax here? Ok. Your turn to get drinks though...")

    The whole environment just lent itself to romance. We probably said "I love you" more times in one week than in a month back home. And guys - as for worrying about getting "excited" on the Island - forgetaboutit. You won't have the energy. At least until yer back in your room anyway...

    Our only dilemma now is whether to return to CTI or try CSS, CSA or CN. Has anyone else found their favorite Couples resort to be their first? It's almost feel like cheating to go to a different one.

    Thanks couples for a wonderful week! We hope to be back soon!!!

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    Our first trip was to CSA and we returned there a couple times. This time we stayed at CTI (February 1st to the 10th) and honestly I'm struggling to decide which one to return to because they are both so wonderful in their own ways. I honestly thought that nothing could be better than CSA but CTI won us over. So with that said, I think that each Couples Resort will win you over with its' own charm.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    CTI was our first. We have been to CTI four times CSS twice and CN once. In our opinion none of the others compare to CTI. You could always try for yourselves and see. You could always try CSS on a trading places next time. the reason we tried CSS and CN was because of the renovations to CTI, so it forced us to do what we had been thinking of doing. Tried CSS again last November for a short trip as we had already spent 2 weeks at CTI in October. It had rained for 3 straight days the first time and we felt it deserved another go but It is CTI for us as the choice of restaurant, bars, entertainment and the staff cannot be beat. We are booked already for 2010 and 2011.

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    I really enjoyed reading your review! Our first two trips to Couples were CN, we toured CSA on our last trip to Negril. Then we tried CSS, and are returning to CSS in April. We are looking forward to our trading places day at CTI, then we can say we have seen all 4 and stayed at 2.

    You should try the Negril side of the island, it is completely different, and wonderful in a very different way. All the resorts are very different, they are suppose to be! The one commonality is they all remain conisistent with what Couples has set as their standard.

    So happy you enjoyed your trip! Start researching which one is next... lol

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    We've been to CN 3 times and decided to try CTI, it wasn't for us, but we transferred over to CSS and fell in love with the place. Our next vacation is a week at CN & a week at CSS.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    With each passing day and new reviews of this incredible resort, the anticipation for our stay at CTI grows in almost exponential proportions.

    Thank you for that heartfelt review, we always appreciate reading these just that much more when they come from fellow first timers. So glad it was everything you hoped for and yet that much more to boot.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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