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    Default Does CN have dinner on beach/lawn like CSS

    At CSS they have one night as a Jamaican beach party night where dinner is buffet stations on the lawn and the other night is a Starlight Gala night with fancy ice carvings, strung lights, and more carving/buffet stations and big round white linen covered tables on the lawn both nights where about 5 couples sit together. Does Couples Negril have these two dinners on the lawn/beach ? Perhaps since CSS is more spread out and up, they have these and CN just have guests go to restaurants each night. We will attend the repeaters dinner, just wondering if there are other big dinners like at CSS. Read about a Friday night chocolate beach party, but doesnít sound like a dinner.

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    CN has a similar Beach Party and it is actually on the beach, weather permitting. Every Thursday night. Very entertaining in our opinion.

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    Thanks for reply - wasnít sure the Beach party mentioned on website had the dinner buffet stations like at CSS - we donít eat much anyway, so beach party sounds great.

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    CN has three evening buffets per week. Beach or around the pool weather permitting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    CN has three evening buffets per week. Beach or around the pool weather permitting.
    Thanks for info.

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    I really enjoy the beach buffets at CN. They have a nice variety of items and many of them are a bit exotic. I get to try a lot of different things on those nights.

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    Good to hear. Thanks for sharing, canít wait!

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