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    We have enjoyed multiple stays at Couples San Souci over the years and have had one visit to Tower Isle. We are contemplating a split stay, our first, and thought we may visit Couples Negril. Since we really love San Souci we would still include it on the second leg. I realize we are giving up a day for travel, but we are looking for some different experiences. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions from anyone who has already done this split or Negril versus Swept Away. I have read we will get transportation from one resort to the other, would like to know how early this can be done to avoid wasted time.

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    We have done this four times. You don't waste anywhere hear a whole day. We were always able to tell them the exact time we wanted to leave so we have always left at 6am. That way you miss rush hour traffic I Montego Bay (which can be terrible) and the whole drive takes only about 2 hours and 20 minutes. You get to Couples Negril in time for breakfast. Figure an our for packing the night before and an hour unpacking and getting settled, you don't waste much time at all. Couples Negril will store your luggage securely in the office and you will have full access to it all day
    until your room is ready.
    You can even book things like the Otaheite restaurant, the Catamaran Cruise and snorkeling with just your name if you promise to let them know you room number when you get one. You will have full run of the resort even though you don't have a room yet. Hit the beach, pool, water sports, restaurants, etc. You don't really miss anything except a couple hours sleep getting up for your 6am transfer. Just book each resort separately and tell them when you check into CSS that you will be transferring to CN after your stay there.
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    We are doing a split SS / TI stay. We love both resorts and like the 5 min transfer instead of 1/2 day transfer. This is our first trip for more than 7 days...met some friends who recommended 10 days as the perfect stay.

    31 days and counting.

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    Hello! We have done the CSS/CN split (one week at each) many times and LOVE it! This year (Sept 2019) We are doing CN first then off to CSS. Next Year we are going to do a CSS/CTI split just to shake things up! We like CN a bit more than CSA. That being said, We have been to CSA a few times and really like the resort. We don't think you can go wrong with either. For us, We like the smaller size and more intimate feel of CN. CN also has an Au Natural area where CSA does not. It's private transportation from one resort to the other. You do not go back to the airport. Some people have reported that you take the bus back to the airport and then wait and then got on the bus to your next resort. This has not been the case for us. It is a straight shot from one resort to the next unless you need to stop for a bathroom break. The ride is about 3 hours.
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    Do it!

    Yes, you lose a half-day in the transport, but they will pick you up around 9 and you will be checked in and eating lunch at Sans Souci by 1:00. They can probably arrange it earlier if you care.

    They will provide private transportation - most likely a small bus as it will probably be just the two of you.

    Things to know:

    1> Your room will probably not be ready at the next resort so have swim suits/beach bag handy (this is true for any split stay) - no worries though as they'll store your luggage and give you keys so you can just relax

    2> Drive is about 3 & 1/2 hours but it will go fast and is a nice drive through several small towns on the way to/from Negril - since you're likely the only ones, they'll stop anytime you need

    3> The best part, they treat each reservation separately and so you will receive double the booking credits and double the romance rewards credits!

    It's a fun trip - we don't do it every year but it's a nice change - especially being able to eat in more restaurants

    The two resorts are very different - Negril is all about the beach and the amazing, enveloping sunsets but it's smaller and the beach is not as private.

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    We've done the CSS to CN split several times. Twice we flew with TimAir which is a fun experience but the price has increased to the point where its not worth it. The shuttle has never taken more that 3 hours. We leave after breakfast and get to CN before lunch. We know some left as early as 6am and the drive was even quicker. We find its like two separate vacations and we don't feel like we miss a full day.

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    We did a split stay between CTI and CN last year. I read different posts about people leaving real early in the morning to go to the second resort. We did not want that. When we checked in at CTI we let them know we were moving to CN on x date and they arranged everything. They did not want us to leave early, but perhaps that could have been done if we requested that. We wanted to get up at a normal time, have some breakfast at CTI, them make the trip to CN. I think we left around 9:30am and arrived at CN around 12:30. The trip was easier and seemed quicker than I anticipated.

    I was expecting that we would be on a bus with others going from CTI to the airport, then get on another bus from the airport to CN. But that was not the case. We were in a van all by ourselves. We did stop twice. Once in Mo Bay so we could get some juice/coffee and use a bathroom. And a second time in Mo Bay so our driver could gas up the van. All in all it was a very pleasant experience. I would not hesitate to do a split stay again.

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