We don't leave the resort much, but the times we have, we ended up doing some really great excursions so each year we do try to plan at least one trip off the resort.

Each year we manage to find a new excursion that seems to top last years but I'm running a little short on ideas this year so tell me about your favorite excursions - I have lots, but I'll focus on what we did last year:

1> Keith's Bamboo Crew and the white river fisherman's village - right next to Sans Souci / Sunset beach is shaw park - this where you will get picked up for a nice raft trip up and down the beautiful white river which I highly recommend. Takes about 3-4 hours and includes lunch/Red Stripe.

Many of you have already heard of this excursion so I'll skip the details, but this year we did something else - we had Keith drop us off under the bridge and he took us on a walk through the fisherman's village where we took pictures, talked to the locals (including most of the boat captains from our raft trip) and had a couple of Red Stripes at one of the local bars.

We also explored Shaw Park beach on the way back which is a really nice place to swim with deep, clear water that's not cold from the river. A lot of people like to walk along the beach - this is really the only place at CSS to go for a decent walk on the beach - just let the security guard know you're leaving and when you expect to be back.

2> Kaya Herb House - During our stay this year they were filming for the new web site and so SSB closed early! So on a whim, we decided to try out Kaya Herb House. This is the only legal dispensary on the island and it was worth the time/money as the quality is superb. They also have food (pastries, pizza, coffee) and a small bar so after touring the dispensary, we sat outside and had a couple of red stripes while we chatted with the very friendly bar tenders.

We only spent a couple of hours at Kaya House but it's also right next door to Scotchies so you could do both in one trip.

We've done more, but I'd like to hear what your favorites are.