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    Default CSA in August any inside info?

    We are going to CSA August 26-31b 2010 and I am a little concerned about the heat - Some people say it is fine others say we will roast. Any info on this or must see or do activities I am all ears.


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    August is my favorite time to go to CSA or any Couples resort for that matter. Hot? Yes it is but I really like it. We have been in December and the water is not to my liking. I would suggest Mayfield Falls for an off resort trip. Otherwise do all the resort stuff. Cat cruise, snorkel, glass bottom boat, water ski, take out a hobie cat...oh yes, don't forget to do some relaxing when you get a chance....

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    August will be more humid than hot, just stay hydrated with water. You'll do fine.
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    Default heat

    We have been to Swept Away twice - once in July, once in August. It's definately hot!!, but its actually the humidity that makes it so incredibly hot. It's not so hot that it's unpleasant though. We had an amazing time both trips. To me, it's different than when you are where ever you come from and you have to dress, go to work, etc. and it's hot. As long as I'm in a bathing suit, with a drink in my hand and can go in the water to cool off, it's not too hot. Go -- enjoy. :-)
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    We were there last year , also the end of August. Hot, yes, but humidity was not that bad. Nights very pleasant . Everyone hits the beach first thing in the morning, nicest time of day on beach. Sun shining and very pleasant out. It did become a little overcast mid afternoon. I only met one person during our vacation who truly was bothered by the heat. My husband , who does not tolerate heat well was just fine. The main restaurants are open with lots of overhead fans, and we never were bothered by the heat. Some guests also complained about workout area being too warm by late morning to work out, most people workout first thing in the morning when cooler. A/c in our room ( atrium suite) , cooled the room within a few minutes after we turned it on. Lots of trees and area of rooms very shady, so room and porch always seemed comfortable. The water on the beach was perfect, very calm and warm, and most people did spend much time in the water. I very much enjoyed going this time of year , the rates are the best, and the weather, at least last year was perfect.

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    Who is "they"? Have "they" been to Jamaica or are "they" just jealous and trying to ruin your anticipation of the most perfect vacation your could ever plan?

    If you want some facts to throw at them just google something like weather in Jamaica and you'll get numbers to quote. But I can tell you that we've been to Jamaica 13 times and never roasted. Granted we always go in November but the temps in Jamaica vary little throughout the year. I am not a big fan of hot weather, we live in the midwest and July and August are months of suffering for me. But I have never felt as though I were roasting in Jamaica.

    As far as must see/do stuff that is different for everyone. For us, the beach is the thing we must see and sitting and doing nothing is the must do. Not to mention just the idea of personal preference. Others prefer an on the go type of vacation. Do your research on what is available in the area and then decide what appeals to the two of you...if you want to do anything at all besides sit and enjoy the beautiful beach.

    No matter what, you are going to have a great vacation.

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    Depends... I am from Florida, and we have been to JA in early October. (Still really hot.) I thought it was cooler and nicer than Florida. (Which was ridiculously hot and humid.)

    On the other hand, if you are from the great white north, you may not have such an easy time of it in August, as it IS very hot and humid. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids -- not just alcohol. Alternate with some water or club soda. (My M.O. is one "drink", then one club soda with a splash of pineapple juice. Then one "drink", etc. That way I stay hydrated.)

    In reality, you will have nothing to do but lay on the beach and soak up the sun (or shade) with occasional (or frequent) jaunts into the water to cool off. If you are super sensitive to heat, however, you might want to play your trip for earlier (or later) in the season.

    Regardless, have a wonderful time at our favorite resort!!!


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    The sun is always hot in jamaica. Take sunscreen and apply often other than that the temperature does not change much throughout the year.

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    We were at Swept Away last August and again this February. It is more humid in August and the water is warmer. We come from Long Island, NY where it is very humid in August so it really didn't bother us too much. You can just go in the ocean or pools and cool off. My husband actually preferred the weather in August. We stayed in a BFS and an atrium and both were easily cooled off by the ac. You will have a wonderful time. Swept Away is magical any time of the year!

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    Default Thanks to ALL

    We are actually from Illinois - The Quad Cities and we are quite used to humidity. I am so excited to go I am not sure anyone could ruin our trip!! Thanks for all of the helpful tips and info.

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    Default August

    Whatever you do, don't go in August !!!! It is the absolute worst time to go. It is miserable and you will hate it !!

    That being said, I will be there at the end of August having my yearly week in PARADISE !!!

    I just don't want anyone else there....... The beach will be free and clear for only me and my beautiful wife !!!

    JUST KIDDING !!!!! Don't want to be accused of being sarcastic again ...........................

    Really, there is nothing wrong with August, that's when we go each year. As far as hot or humid, it's all relative. Depends on where you are from and what you are used to. We live in Arkansas and the weather is MUCH better in Jamaica. Cooler and less humid. But we have talked to others that have the exact opposite feeling........
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