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    Default One Bedroom Beachfront Suite CSS

    We just booked our trip for July of this year at CSS and booked a bedrooom beachfront suite. Is this room worth the extra money we paid or should we change rooms and maybe do private dining?

    Does anyone have any pictures of this room they could post or link to??

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    Hi John/Kim,

    The main draw to the beachfront suites at CSS is the location, they eliminate lots of stairs. They are located on the level of the main beach and pool. The rooms are on the level of the beach, and face the beach but are not "walk out and put your toes in the sand beachfront". Pallazina and the main pool are also on this level as well as easiest access to the A/N side.

    We debated back and forth on this one after our trip to CSS in 08. We had a 1 bdroom ocean suite w/balcony in G block, way up at the top with a great view and a huge suite and a huge balcony. It was a hike up there. I remember thinking if we returned I would book the Beachfront even though the suites are smaller and the balconies are much smaller than what we had. My husband who never says a word and usually lets me plan everything quickly put the nix on that. He did not want to give up the size of the suite, the size of the balcony or the view, so this is very much a personal decision, look at all the 360 views and pick the one that is right for you, look at the map to see the locations.

    Good Luck and enjoy your trip!

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    Here is the link to our pictures from a week ago, pictures of the Beachfront Suite are at the end.

    We were in a Beachfront Verandah Suite first (until we had no hot water) and then moved to a Beachfront Suite but much preferred the location of the first room up on the hillside. If this appeals to you then change your room category and do the private dining!
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    john/kim, My wife and I stayed there last Oct., for our honeymoon. I recommend that room. You may want to consider it on the first floor. You may sacrifice a little of the view, but it was so much more convenient. It is really nice to be able to come and go through the back door. Be advised, always carry your key. We kept our valuables in the safe and left the back door unlocked all week. It is a very safe place, CSS. However, the cleaning staff locked us out once. We had such a great time, we are going back for our one year anniversary. I think you will love it, no matter what room or where it is located.

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    A lot of looks but no replies.

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    THANKS EVERYONE. I think we are going to stay where we booked.

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    We stayed in a beachfront suite last January at CSS. We really enjoyed the location of the room, since we like to hang out at the beach. We thought it was worth the extra money for the location. It was especially fun to sit on the balcony with a glass a wine and watch the Starlight Gala entertainment from the comfort of our room! There is also a beautiful pond in back of the "A" block where we would go to jog. The tennis courts are also located here.

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    Pics from our room, I cant remember if we were in Building A or B that year.
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    Hubby & I are contemplating the bf, as well b/c I like/want the jacuzzi tub

    Hubby really wanted the penthouse, tho still trying to find out pics of the bathroom layout... :dunno:

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    We satyed there in Oct and just loved it. I would stay there if I was you. We are getting ready to book again and will book the same room we had. Iwe stayed in A block

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    I have a bunch of photos from our last two trips to CSS. In July 2008 we stayed in A-Block and in July 2009 we were in B-Block. The links to our photos are below in my signature.
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