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    Default Excellent Article On Couples CSS 'Au Naturel' Beach And Pool

    I have just come across this article (a few months old) that addresses the 'au naturel' (correct spelling) lifestyle and focusses on the nude area at Couples San Souci.

    The title is: 'Jammin Naked in Jamaica: Couples San Souci, Perfect for First Timers'.

    We did a Trading Places day at CSS in 2014 from CTI and our six hours in the CSS 'au naturel' area was the highlight of our vacation, especially when we headed for the hot tub during a 20-minute rain-shower. Suddenly, a few perfect strangers were together in the tub having pleasant conversations. It was great and has become a favourite with us. We intend going back to CSS for another 'Trading Places' day when we return to CTI this October.

    Follow this link for the article: https://ourclothingoptionaltrips.wor...-first-timers/

    Tell us if you agree with the writer/reviewer.

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    Excellent article and I do have to agree with the author. I have found SSB to be the more social side of the resort and most of the friends we have made on vacation have been made in the pool. It's funny but it seems that once the clothes are off, a lot of our social inhibitions seem to go with them. I have told some of our friends this and they are genuinely surprised as they assume that if you're all nude then the last thing that would happen is that people would gather and socialize but just the opposite happens.

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    That was a very nice article indeed. Not only about CSS but the whole Au natural experience in general.

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    Outstanding...this couple has figured out why we all love the AN experience.

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    Great article. Funny I never noticed this post before. Maybe this will help others see it too

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