I've intended to start a thread many times and only now have remembered to do so...surprised no one else has, really

Is it just us, or do you think that Couples could do more as far as merchandise with their logo for purchase/reward? We are grateful that Couples does not have a huge advertising blitz like the "S", so that the properties maintain their charm and level of excellence, however, for those of us that have adopted Couples resorts in our hearts and lives...I wish there was more "STUFF"...I just read a thread where ppl go on and on about their departure snack, and can relate because the soft-side cooler w/ the logo is nice...I know there is mdse to be purchased such as flip flops, polo shirts, etc. online, but only wish there was even more to be had...suggestions would be:
coffee mugs, drink koozies(huggies),ball caps,MORE T-shirt varieties, license plates,picture frames, anyone else care to chime in?