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    Default Couples Resorts Merchandise..

    I've intended to start a thread many times and only now have remembered to do so...surprised no one else has, really

    Is it just us, or do you think that Couples could do more as far as merchandise with their logo for purchase/reward? We are grateful that Couples does not have a huge advertising blitz like the "S", so that the properties maintain their charm and level of excellence, however, for those of us that have adopted Couples resorts in our hearts and lives...I wish there was more "STUFF"...I just read a thread where ppl go on and on about their departure snack, and can relate because the soft-side cooler w/ the logo is nice...I know there is mdse to be purchased such as flip flops, polo shirts, etc. online, but only wish there was even more to be had...suggestions would be:
    coffee mugs, drink koozies(huggies),ball caps,MORE T-shirt varieties, license plates,picture frames, anyone else care to chime in?

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    You're in luck...

    Try this...

    You're welcome!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    When/how do you get a departure snack?

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    My only complaint with the clothing merchandise is that it tends to run R-E-A-L-L-Y small. I typically wear a medium in every thing and had to buy X-large and after one washing had to give it to my size 0 daughter. A little petty but I feel sad that I can't wear the shirt I took the time to pick out. I guess that will just give me the incentive to lose some weight before my husband and I head to CSS in August. HA, HA!

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    I agree. I bought my wife a Couples polo shirt a year ago for Christmas (along with a few other things) and it was her favorite gift. I went on line before Xmas this past year and the items were rather limited. I ended up buying her the same shirt in a different color because that was all they had with the Couples logo. Once again, it was a hit with her. A few years back, they had more choices. I too wish they would expand the items with Couples logo on them. We go to Couples every year so I would definitely purchase the items.

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    OOOOO!!! I want a coffee mug!

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    I would love to see mouse pads for the computer. That way I always have a reminder close by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth View Post
    I would love to see mouse pads for the computer. That way I always have a reminder close by me.
    You can have a mouse pad made at Walgreens, WalMart, Target, just about any place you can stick your memory stick into and print a picture, you can have a mouse pad created. Then it would reflect not only Couples, but maybe someplace on the property that was special to you. I think that when we were at CTI this past July you could have a mouse pad made at their photo shop of a picture of you and S.O. that was taken at the resort.

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    I would love a Christmas tree ornament. We try to get an ornament everywhere we go.

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    I was wising the other day that we could have some sort of 'card' to give to friends and family that we suggest the resort to. I told a friend about Couples and the website, but I will bet he forgets to check it out and calls me again requesting the information. I would like to be able to just hand out a card with the Couples information on it to give to people that I recommend the resort to.
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    Go to CTI, they have a logo store with shorts, t-shirts, bikini's, hats, mugs and more stuff I have probably forgotten. This was a good addition to the other store there.

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    LisaPat, I know exactly where you're coming from. A few years ago I wanted a necklace (gold) with the palm trees on it. The resort did have a 3D palm tree necklace in silver but it looked like it would hurt if you laid on it. My husband found something similar that was a flat charm. I wear it lots and get many compliments. If there was more of a variety of STUFF, the resort would be making $$$.

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    Chris...I appreciate the link..especially for those who aren't aware of the couplesliving stuff....but created this thread based on that...there just isn't much of a folks get what I'm saying, right? Mens shorts, mugs, bikinis...I personally think that a license plate would go far to spraed word of mouth...Christmas ornaments, definitely

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    Yes, I definitely agree. I am currently trying to create Welcome Bags for wedding guests, and I would love to give them a tote bag, coozie, etc. with the twisted palms on them.

    I'm guessing it would be illegal to copy the twisted palms logo and have it copied on items, such as a tote bag (I don't like the bag they have), coozie cup. Oh well, I will have to think of something else unique.

    Also, the couples living website has a lot of really ugly stuff (no offense to Couples, but they should be aware of this). There is some stuff I would buy, but a lot, I wouldn't either. Does anyone else agree with this? Maybe they should get more customer input on their merchandise.

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    Might almost be worth a trip to CTI if that logo store is all that..

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    The logo shops are great... lots of polo shirts, shorts, tops, croakies, etc. that have the Couples logo.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My husband has the same complaint. Every time we go he likes to get a polo (collared) shirt but they never seem to have his size (large) or he has to pick a color he doesn't really like. His tradition is to always wear a new Couple's shirt home. We are going to CSS in July and he is hoping they have a selection this time. Hint Hint Couples

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    I wish we could get the beautiful print that Heather Cooper did recently of the Couples lions in front of the logo tree. It was featured as part of a raffle for the Issa Trust foundation and can be seen at Such a beautiful print! Randymon, any chance that will ever be up for sale?


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