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    Default Mosquito Repellent?

    We will be heading to CN next weekend, do they sell mosquito repellent in the hotel? Also I am sure that I have read that sun tan lotion is available to buy at the hotel, am I correct?

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    It's very expensive at the hotel. Buy some ahead and time and pack it into your checked luggage.

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    Both mosquito repellent and suntan lotion are availaable at the resort, I would buy it at home before you depart. It will save you some money. It is expensive at the resort.

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    Hi Bocado: Please don't expect instant replies to your posts. A moderator reviews all posts before posting them. It can take 24 hours or more to see a reply to your posts

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    Thanks for the feedback, sorry Richli2 I am a bit if an eager beaver.

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    When we went last year in April we never needed to wear any mosquito repellant. It is truly a paradise! And usually my freckled husband gets eaten alive. But he did not get one bite in ten days. So you might not need it at all.

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    As stated above, buy at home and save the money.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    We always buy it at home!

    However my wife would rather sleep in a poisonous snake invested room accompanied in bed by a couple of man eating crocs than sleep without the pleasure of being covered head to toe in mozzie repellent, she tends to over use it a little. So I was a little concerned in case we ran out!

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