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    Default Different room types at CSS

    Hi! I am new to the board so please forgive me if this has already been asked.

    My soon to be husband and I are getting married on September 25 and we are planning our honeymoon and have heard great things about Couples resorts. We have decided on CSS but have some questions.

    We were wondering about the different types of rooms offered here and if anyone has pictures of the different rooms types. I have seen a couple of pictures on the couples website, but nothing in detail.

    We have been told that the one bedroom suites overlooking the ocean are nice, but we would love to see some photos and possibly what the bathrooms look like. Also do all the rooms have balconies?

    I would just like to be able to compare different room types with the photos and see what best fits us.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Hi Jessica,

    Welcome! Have you gone to the Couples Sans Souci tab up at the top of the screen, then in the left margin click on Accomodations, then when the rooms come up there should be a "view room" button, once you click on that it will give you a 360 panaramic view or several views of the rooms. The rooms look exactly like they do on this site. It will also tell you the blocks the rooms are located in if I am not mistaken, then you need to click on the map tab to view the building locations.

    The only room category that does NOT have a balcony are the Oceanview Suites, don't confuse them with the 1 bdrm ocean suite with balcony. The 1 bdrm ocean suite w/balcony is what he had in 08 and after much consideration between that and a beachfront is what we chose again for 2010. This decision is very much a personal one.

    The beachfront rooms have the best location if you wish to avoid alot of the steps, and it is a very central location to the major attractions, the A/N side, the beach, the main pool, Pallazina, and Bella Vista. You will still need to go up for the stores, the Lobby, the Internet Cafe, Game Room Cassanova, Spa, other pools.

    My suggestion is to do the 360 views and review the map and decide what is right for you. Personally our favorite is the 1 bdrm ocean suite w/balcony, we don't mind the stairs like the views higher up, and love the size of the suite and balcony.

    Good Luck deciding, it is half the fun! You are going to love CSS! It is hard not to.

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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on the site! After much consideration and debate with my better half, we have decided on the one bedroom ocean view suite with balcony. We just couldn't pass up that beautiful view! It was a toss up between that and the penthouse suites.

    Looking forward to a wonderful trip in September!

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