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Thread: dancing at CTI?

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    Default dancing at CTI?

    We leave for our first Couples trip and going to CTI on Monday and SOOO excited! I know about the piano bar, but is there also a dance bar too? I'm thinking not, but just curious. We'll find out soon enough!

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    The only place for dancing is at the Patio where the evening entertainment takes place.

    You will love it.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    There isn't an actual dance bar, but at night there is a lot of dancing going on when the live band plays. My husband and I spent our honeymoon at CTI in 2007 and have been back every year since. We can't wait to get back! We will be at CTI Aug. 7-15.

    Happy Valentines Day. Hope you guys have a safe and wonderful trip. You guys are going to have so much fun!!!!

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    They have entertainment every evening at the main restaurant area. One night, the DJ there was playing more hip/hop type music and we asked if he could play a few techno songs. He happily obliged and DH and I danced away for about an hour. It was great!! (Don't be shy about requesting the songs that you want to hear.)

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    IN the evening they use the Patio as a disco with a d.j. and dancing. This usually follow other entertainment.

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    There is a dance floor right in front of the stage the band plays on. Dance away.

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    They also used to turn Bayside into a disco on some nights after the evening entertainment finishes. Plenty of dancing as long as you get out of your chair
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