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    Default Question about room choice in SanSouci

    Hi, we are getting ready to book a romm at CSS at the end of April/beginning of May and are debating what room choice to choose from. Not really needing or wanting the extra sitting area but do want to have a beautiful view with a large balcony and would prefer the balcony to come off of the bedroom and not a sitting area. What would be the best room choice for this?

    By looking at the pictures it looks like the Oceanfront and Beachfront suites have the balconies off of the sitting areas and not the that true?

    Any advice can you can provide ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and can't wait to get there!

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    We stayed in a Beachfront Suite in Bldg.B and it was wonderful. We went right from our room to the balcony. We were on the 3rd floor and had a wonderful view. We liked the convenience to the beach and the Pallazina Restaurant. The balcony may not be as large as the rooms up on the cliff but they are large enough. How much room do 2 people actually need. We had a table and 2 chairs. It was large enough to enjoy dinner one night on our balcony savoring our Fillet Mignon. You will love CSS. We think it's the most beautiful of the resorts. The only thing we miss at CSS is the Cat Cruise. They can't get the boat in past the reef. We keep hoping they would try and shuttle people out to it on one of the smaller boats. Hint, Hint

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    the ocean/beach front rooms have tiny balconies. Go for the Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite. The one we had had the balcony off the bedroom.

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    Beachfront Suites have access to the balcony from both the sitting and bedroom areas. The balcony is smaller then some of the other room types though and there is no lounger.

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    Thanks for the replies! How was the view from the Ocean Verandah Suite? Isn't the view better from the Ocean Suites?

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    We just came back from CSS last week and stayed in an Ocean Verandah Suite as well as a Beachfront Suite, had to move because of water issues but we loved the Verandah Suite better as we were in Block G with spectacular views and a huge balcony. Ocean Verandah Suites as well as 1 Bedroom Ocean Suites are in Block G, OVS are first and fourth floor and 1 BR Ocean Suites are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. It all depends on which building you're located in, each category is located in several different buildings. If you click on the CSS tab and go to accommodations it will tell you where they are all located. You are correct in saying that the 1 BR Ocean Suites have the balcony off the sitting area, the bedrooms are all at the back of the room.

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    Funny you should make this thread. I was looking at the photos last night and wanting the same thing! The one bedroom ocean had a great view and balcony in the photo but the view from the bedroom did not seem so good.

    I was thinking ocean verandah too maybe.

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    We loved the 1 bdrm oceanview w/balcony. We loved the size of the suite, and the size of the balcony, and the views. We debated back and forth between trying a Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite this next trip, but my husband who never says a word, piped up unexpectedly and let me know quickly he was not giving up any of the above. So we will return to a 1 bdrm ocean suite w/balcony. lol

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