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    Default World Cup June 12th 2010

    Will CSS (or CTI) be showing the World Cup Football (soccer for my U.S. friends)?

    In particular England play the USA on the 12th June so there will be interest from both sides of the pond.

    I am about to book and this makes the difference between a trip in April, or early June.

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    We were at CSA last week and it was Superbowl final. They put on a huge party with 3 giant screens on the beach and all sorts of buffet, extra bars serving Red Stripe, games, competitions, face painting, etc etc etc. The effort and execution was amazing. We wondered quietly to ourselves (as a couple of Brits who didn't really understand what was going on) whether they would make any effort for the World Cup.

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    Well if they made a fuss over the Superbowl, then they obviously will cater for the US customers, hence a game against England should get some attention.

    Failing that it'd have to be Wifi and the BBC website.

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    Of Course they will.
    Jamaicans are big fans of Football/Soccer but unfortunately their team won't be competing in 2010...

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