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    Default Shhh... Its a secret~

    Well, hello everyone. I am new here and well, and so excited to see what everyone is talking about. I am getting married oct 23 of this year. Me and my fiance have been engaged for almost over 2 years now. I have taken it apon myself to plan a secret honeymoon and that is when my travel agent recommended couples resorts. Well, needless to say, I fell in love with all they had to offer and thought it would be perfect for me and my soon to be hubby.

    We just bought a house in sept of 09 and we had a talk that we would not be able to afford a honeymoon at the moment because of it. Well, little does he know I have been saving and planning this behind his back. He has no idea!!!! I love it!!! I am just deciding how many days to stay, but I am sure we are not going to want to come back to wisconsin at all after Jamaica....

    At the wedding, I am going to take the mic from the dj and announce it to everyone that we are heading to Jamaica later that week!!! I guess I came here because 1. I have no will power. I am so bad at keeping secrets and 2. I needed to tell someone since I was soooooo excited and cant obviously tell him... hehehehe....

    Well, thanks for listening to my little rant!!!

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    That's very cool. I've always had a little fantsy that my husband would secretly plan a vacation for me. I always get hung up on the logistics though. Did he already take the time off after the wedding just to have the time off?

    You made a good choice. I wented to come to Couples for our HM and we ended up at an S resort. It was not a wise decision. At least when we finally got to Couples I got the satisfaction of the husband giving me a ", you were right.."

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    Hope he already has a passport.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    What a great story and what a fantastic wife your lucky hubster-to-be is getting! I wish you the best on not only this secret trip, but on your house as well. Owning one can often be a pain in the you-know-what, along with a pain in the wallet!! But there are few material pleasures in life that match the satisfaction of owning a home. My best to you.

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    I have planned a return trip to CSA for my wife fe our anniversary. I'm gonna tell her this weekend for Valentines Day. She isn't a big planner so all of our trips I try to surprise her. For labor day I am taking her back to Vegas and will only tell her what kinda weather to pack for. I always tell her to pack a passport too so she has no clue where we go. It's a lot of fun!

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    I've also wished my hubby would plan a secret get away, but it doesn't work real well when I'm the one who pays all the bills and knows what is in the account. Perhaps I should start a savings account just for him to surprise me with stuff! hmmmm.....
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words and wishes!!!!

    And he doesnt have a passport yet, but we are getting them because we are planning trips for next year and I talked him into getting them now and told him they can take time to get so we should just get them out of the way.

    I already talked to his work today, well my favorite manager there, and he told me not to tell anyone anything because it would spread like wild fire, but he will make sure he will have those days off!!

    Im so excited!!!!!

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    Wow vixen!

    Sounds like a well thought-out scheme... good luck with keeping your secret!

    BTW... Fox Valley area of Wisconsin here... headed to SweptAway for our 7th visit in late May!

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    That's so exciting, he will love your surprise. Which resort are you planning to go to?

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    That is so awesome! You have made the right choice with Couples, whichever resort you may choose. It's a perfect place for a honeymoon! We have been married for 13 years, and feel like we are on our honeymoon each time we go back. It's hard to explain, but there's just something about Couples...once you go, you'll know.
    Congratulations on your wedding and have a wonderful trip!

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    So much fun!! Congratulations!!!

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    sounds exciting! that's a long time to keep this secret! lol
    which resort did you pick?

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    I hope he hasn't had the same idea and booked a honeymoon for you both, you might be having two!

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    How sweet. You will have a blast. We went for 10 days and found it to be perfect. Left on a Friday and came back the following Sunday. You spend a day on each end traveling so take that into account. We were very relaxed and yes ..... we did return reluctantly. Happy Honeymoon! He will be excited...more so if you head to the island the first day .. now there is a surprise.

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    That will be a wonderful surprise that he will love! I like to surprise my hubby, and I know he would LIKE to surprise me, but he really can't (dang Army has to know everything in advance!).

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