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Thread: BFVS or BFS?

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    Default BFVS or BFS?

    My wife and I are traveling to CSA as repeaters to this resort. We have stayed in the Atrium room before and are staying in the Atrium room again as of now.

    We are wanting to upgrade our room to the BFVS or BFS but do not know which one to go with. We are not concerned about the bathroom or the T.V. What we are concerned with is the view from our room. I know that the BFVS is located on the same side of the resort as Patios. The BFS is located from Palms to the middle of the resort.

    What we are looking for is which room has the better view based off of the room location and floors. The BFS has a 1st and 2nd floor. The BFVS has 3 floors. If on the bottom floor of each, is it a good view or is it obstructed by trees and people? The view from the second floor on either room, is it obstructed by trees or can you still see the Carribean? Is the 3rd floor on the BFVS above the trees to where you can see the Carribean above the trees?

    If there is anyone who has stayed in either of these rooms, my wife and I would love to have some feedback on what everyone suggest. Personally we would like the fact of being able to walk to the beach from our balcony but just wondering which is the better view.

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    We have stayed on both the second and third floor BFVS. If you want a fairly unobstructed view, go for the 3rd floor BFVS. Especially if you are looking forward to watching the sunset, any of the first and second floor rooms may have that view totally obstructed. We've always been able to see over the palm trees in the third floor rooms to watch the sunset.

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    It was our first time at CSA, 1/31 - 2/7. We stayed in the BFVS, room 4121 (1st floor). I had read things about noise and people walking by being bothersome on the 1st floor; but honestly, we loved our room! The people didn't bother us, we stepped off the verandah and walked 10 steps to the beach. We set our chairs up on the beach in front of our room. We left the verandah door unlocked, and we had access to it all day. That's nice when you want to use the bathroom and don't want to walk a long way. Or if you forget something. It was close to Patios and the Grill for the day; and Feathers and the casino at night. Food at these places was outstanding. It is a long walk to the main lobby and the Palms, but we really liked Patios for Breakfast, pizza's to go for lunch, and a few dinners. The grill is open til 5am. Came in handy when we took a nap one day and woke after all the other places had closed. Choose your own wants and needs, but we thoroughly enjoyed everything about CSA and will definitely go back !!!

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    I recommend if you can request one a 3rd floor CORNER BFVS

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