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    Default $500. Resort Credit Promo 2010 vs 2011

    Can someone explain if there is a difference between the $500. credit for 2010 bookings and 2011 bookings
    From what I understand is that in 2010 your credit is $350. in SPA and $150. in Gift Shop credits and in 2011 it is a $500. resort credit for anything charged to your room
    Can someone clarify that

    Thank you

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    Yes, the 2011 resort credit may be used to pay for anything that can be charged to your room.

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    Randymon: So the 2010 resort credit is $350. SPA credit and $150. in Gift shop credit?

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    Wonderful news. More Spa time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    Randymon: So the 2010 resort credit is $350. SPA credit and $150. in Gift shop credit?

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    So if we do the private dinner - and charge it to our room - can we use part of the 2011 credit to that?

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    How does this credit work? We were there first week in February (1 week ago and did not recieve type of $500 credit

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    Do all people who booked in 2010 have this credit? or was there some kind of stipulation to get this?

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    fredericys - yes.

    columbo - you would have had to book your seven night stay for 2010 travel prior to June 30, 2009.

    Suhrah - same as above.

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    Way cool, Randy! While I had no trouble spending the Spa Credit we did struggle to spend the gift shop credit as they were still setting up when we were there, and well, after so many trips, there wasn't a lot we wanted or needed. We love the idea of being able to do the dinner!

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    OK I just booked 11 nights for July 2010 will I receive the $500 credit in 2011? We just had to return as February's stay was awesome and I had enough frequent flyer miles for two tickets so we are comnig back!!!!

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    I assume you meant to say that you booked 11 days for July 2011, not 2010, correct?

    If you booked 2011, then your answer is "yes' you will receive the $500 resort credit.

    Couples Resorts

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    Help on resort credits! I booked a 7 night stay for dec. 2010 how do I find out if I get a credit? I booked through the resort and nothing was said about a credit for anything, should I call the resort and ask? Thanks for any input.

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    When did you book? The credits were offered during a promo period that I believe ended June 30, 2009. If you booked by then, you should receive the credits. You can always call Couples and confirm.

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    Depends on when you booked. If you booked prior to June 30, 2009, you should receive the credits. After... not so much. See Randymon's response to columbo, above.

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