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Thread: CSA in July?

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    Default CSA in July?

    I have seen the eternal debate between CSA and CN on here time and time again. I am wondering from those who have visited in July, if either resort is busier than the other, and is there a decent crowd there that time of the year?

    Also, I have seen some people saying that there were no topless women at CSA during the duration of their trip. We will be going for our honeymoon, and I am hoping that she can go topless on the beach for most of the time we are there? Are there more topless women at CN compared to CSA? The idea of being on a longer stretch of beach is what is making CSA more appealing to me, because of the opportunity to see and do more things. Just looking for some feedback. Also, we are at late 20's early 30's couple. Will there be people there our age, or is it mostly an older crowd? Thanks!

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    There will be all ages. Last July there was a lot in your age range. We like CN because you have the option on what you wear on the beach. It is great.

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