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    Default CTA from FEB21 to FEB25th.

    My wife and I will be enjoying our first trip to CSA from 20-26FEB. We are very much looking forward to it. I am planning on bringing my clubs is anyone is interested in linking up for a partner.

    any must do snorkel trips are they all the same?
    We'll do the resort scuba trip I assume they are all the same for beginners?
    Any cool points of interest as we walk 7 mile beach and do you have directions to said places.
    Dunn's river falls. Is it worth it to go?
    Should we sail the hobi cat out and look at this tugboat?
    what should I recommend my wife to do at the spa? any massage anyones personal favorite? (I will be playing golf so she will have some "me" time.)
    The Ziplines sounded cool is that worth a trip?

    Sorry for so many questions I am just very excited.

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    Wow... lots of questions... but here's what I think I can tell you...

    There are a few reefs (three, I believe) that the local resorts use for snorkeling. The reason for the small number are their relative ease of access and as a means of protecting the general reef area off Negril.

    Beginner scuba... haven't tried it at Couples, but there will be a swim test, an equipment orientation, safety orientation, pool checkout, then off to a shallow dive.

    7-Mile Beach... a GREAT resource for this is, or . There is a fantastic set of maps of the 7-Mile Beach and The Cliffs areas of Negril, showing all of the commercial points of interest along the way. Don't leave home without them!

    Dunn's River Falls... I personally wouldn't recommend it from Negril. If you're set on a falls visit, try YSFalls or Mayfield Falls. I can provide you with more info on these if you'd like.

    The tugboat. I'm surprised from the link that you give that they call this a tugboat. If its what I think it is, it really is an old catamaran that went down during one of the hurricanes. The boat belonged to SweptAway, I'm told, and can be seen on the glass bottom boat tour. Its in pretty shallow water.

    Spa - Have honey check the website for SweptAway's spa treatments.

    Zipline - None installed in the immediate Negril area, but there is one at YSFalls. Might be cool... once. But I'm told by those who've done a real canopy tour that this won't compare.

    Feel free to fire away with more...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thanks Chris, after I looked at dunn's falls it looks to far away. I don't want to soak up much time traveling to and fro. Might try a canopy tour instead of YSfalls but I talk to the wife.

    I am looking forward to escaping all this snow. Yikes it is getting ridiculous with all the snow around here.

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