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    Default Bottle of wine in room?

    We have a Atrium Suite at CSA reserved. I know there are no minibars in these rooms. Will the staff give us a bottle of wine to enjoy in the room? Anyone have any insight into this? We're first timers.

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    Good question... I've never asked. Give it a try!

    I CAN tell you that there is a wine list you can order from, but there is a charge.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Had read a statement on this topic in this thread. Sounds like its possible if you pick it up yourself.

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    I am not sure but I would be very surprised if you asked for a bottle of "house" wine red/white and two glasses, that they would say no.

    Might be wrong though.

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    We recently stayed at CN and although wine was not on the checklist provided, we wrote it in and did get a bottle of white.

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    We were at CSS in December and I wrote on the minibar list that I would love a bottle of white wine and when we got back to our room, there was a bottle chillin' in the fridge! As long as you don't want a specialty wine, I believe you can get a bottle for your room, no problem.

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    We stayed at CN and had no problem requesting a bottle of Chardonnay for our mini bar. I'm sure it was the house brand, but who cares - it was the best ever when out on our deck watching the sun set....

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    We have always asked for a bottle of wine from housekeeping and since the refrigerator is already full, we suggest what we don't need. That way they aren't hauling in everything. We usually stay for a week and get a bottle each evening.

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