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    Hey guys - I've been reading tons of reviews about CTI and CSS on this board and they both sound great. The one that gets me is:

    CTI sounds like it's just like a hotel. CSS sounds like a resort. How true is this? With the remodel of CTI does that make a HUGE difference?

    This will be our first trip to Jamaica (want a great one) and its for our Honeymoon.


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    In my opinion CTI wins hands down. We have been to CTI 4 times and CSS 2. I personally do not understand the gripe about the type of building. Service and staff is better at CTI also it has more restaurants and better bar and entertainment facilities. The new spa area is fantastic. Only you can make up your mind as to what suits you best. You will have a great time which ever you choose, it's just a case of checking out the photos and layouts. Good luck.

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    Water sports - are they not allowed at CTI?

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    Here's the scoop. Both CSS and CTI are resorts...they're just different. CTI is a high-rise resort with a smaller size property making everything closer together. CSS is more spread out and built on cliffs so there's more walking and stairs to climb. You'll find that everyone has an opinion of which one is best. You and your fiance need to do your homework on both resorts and choose the one that's best for you. Here's a look at both CSS and CTI from our visit to those resorts last year.

    Hope this helps,

    Bart & Bug

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    All resorts have the same water sports on offer.

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    watersports are included at CTI just like at the other 4 resorts

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    Meant to say watersports are included at ALL 4 resorts, not the OTHER 4... (should have said other 3)

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    We have been to CN 2ce, toured CSA and been to CSS, and will try CTI on a trading places day this trip when we return to CSS. This is unfortunately not a question anyone can answer for you. Everyone has their own favorite Couples resort for different reasons. We love CSS for room service all 3 meals, and all rooms have oceanviews. We like the setting in the cliffs it makes it very romantic, but that is our opinion.

    View all the pics, look at all the inclusions go on Tripadvisor and look at the reviews and the Traveller photos. Do the 360 tours on this site, look at the restaurants and the sample menu's, but do keep in mind they are only sample menu's, and believe it or not the decision will be there, it will be the one you can't stop looking at. That is the one calling to you!

    Good Luck and Happy Travels!

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    Bart & Bug got it right.

    CTI is compact with a hotel that has many floors. CSS has lots of buildings that have 2 floors maximum. At CTI the resort is very compact without gardens to stroll. At CSS since it is built into a cliff, there are lots of pathways and gardens to stroll. CTI does have a nice area for entertainment and the piano bar. CSS doesn't really have a stage for entertainment per say, but they do have a neat set-up that they do that has you right with the 'action'. CTI has more restaurants and bars, but CSS has less rooms and I really didn't see the need for another restaurant especially with room service. I'd say the beaches are about the same as they are both in a cove, but at CTI there is the island for the AN and CSS has the beach for AN. Both have all the same inclusions except CTI has horseback riding and catamaran cruise. All the rooms at CSS are suites and have mini-bars only the suites at CTI have mini-bars. The views at both are breathtaking.

    I felt that CTI had a more lively night time, but that could be because it is easier to get away from the night time "partying" at CSS since it is spread out so much.

    Both have comfy beds and fabulous service. We found the staff at CSS to be more friendly and helpful than at CTI, but others disagree with that.

    The great thing is that they are both Couples resorts and you will have a fabulous time, it is just that they are both very different resorts and you need to pick the one that suits you best.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumpman2382 View Post
    Water sports - are they not allowed at CTI?
    Not sure what you are referring to as CTI does include watersports. It also includes the Catamaran cruise that is not included at CSS and also horseback riding, again not included at CSS. However at CSS you can get full room service 7 a.m. -11 p.m. at CTI it's only in the morning for continental breakfast. Only you and your finance know what you are looking forward to in a Honeymoon. It you book CTI and are thinking about a private dinner, see if you can have it on the pier. We saw one there and it was beautiful and seemed more private than on the beach. Enjoy!

    CTI 3 visits
    CSS Trading Spaces

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