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    Default Anyone know if Sean is still at CSA?

    This is a picture of Sean, the most impressive young man we met at CSA in 2006. My husband and I were taken by his wonderful attitude, grace, charm, and devotion to his Christianity, along with his passionate desire to become a teacher. He remains in our hearts today. I work for a University and we kept in touch with Sean once we returned home, but we have since lost contact.

    We are returning to CSA February 20th-27th and I'm wondering if anyone knows if Sean is still at CSA working his way through college at the Teachers Training College and/or the University of West Indies.

    I'd love to hear if you know anything. Thank you!
    Mary and Brad
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    Just ask when you arrive. He may be there but in a different section. I don't remember seeing him in December but many of the Staff take 2 week breaks- so he may have been off.

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