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    Default Going to CSA in May

    Hey Everyone!! Me and my Husband will be attending CSA in May for our vowel renewal. Im sooo excited! We are twenty two yrs old and this will be our first time going anywhere like this. We just did got married by the justice of the peace four months ago so this will be "official"! I just wanted to ask everyone if they had any suggestions on what to do and what kind of romance packages people have gotten. I want this to be very romantic I cannot wait til i get to paradise!!!

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    congratulations on your recent marriage and vow renewel. my husband and i will be at CSA in may, too (22-30)... i've never been before either, but i thought i'd say a quick congrats!

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    sgrantham00 -

    When in May?

    And welcome to the board. As for suggestions, geez... where to start. I would suggest looking on the main website and check out out what is meant by "All-Inclusive". That will get you started with what to do while on the resort.

    If you're more interested in what to do "off-campus", there have been many threads here in recent weeks (heck... all the time) that are always quite helpful. You might also want to check out .

    If you have some specific questions, feel free to ask!... Also, check out the May threads on the "Meet up at SweptAway" found below the main message board link.

    Maybe see you there... we'll be at SweptAway May22-30!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Hey everybody! Thanks for the comments! I will be there may 17-27! I cant think about anything else but this haha. If anyone else has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate them! Thanks again-Sarah

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    SGrantham - definitely get a couples massage - we did that last May and it was a little piece of heaven. Being at CSA is romantic in itself. You will have a wonderful time.

    We are going May 22-31 so maybe we will see you!


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    You have Passports right? You should be all set then. Just go and relax and enjoy each other.
    PS- It's VOW renewal

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    Book a private dinner before you go. Enjoy a couples message. Get a room WITHOUT a TV, it really helps you to reconnect. Eat a dinner at Feathers a few times, quiet and more romantic then the other restaurants. Head over to the sports complex, there is a hot tub over there that is always empty , and secluded. Go out on the beach late one night. It is usually secluded ( with the exception of security, once they see you are a guest they leave you alone ), and enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean . ( I recommend bug spray on the lower legs, sand fleas can come out at night. Never bothered us, but met people who the sand fleas liked). Be sure not to miss the beach bonfire. The musician is excellent and it is very romantic. I suggest spend a few dollars and buy his CD. I turn it on at home everytime I want to get that romantic feel of our vacation at home. You will love CSA, and you will leave with many wonderful memories, and counting the days til your next trip.

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