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    Default vow renewal in may

    Hey everybody! I am planning on going to couples swept away in may for my first time!! Im 22 yrs old and me and my husband are going out there for vow renewals. Im sooooooo excited to go to negril! Ive never been anywhere like this so this is a big deal for us! I was just seeing if anyone has any advice on what we should do and what romance packages to consider for newlyweds. We went and got married about 4 months ago by the justice of the peace so it really didnt feel very different so when we go to jamaica its going to be official so i want to do it as romantic as possible im sooo excited and cant wait to get to paradise!!!

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    if you reserve your vow renewal before going you will have a meeting with Tamika or one of the wedding coordinators when you arrive. they will make your day as special as you want.we renewed our vows for 25 years in 2006 at Swept Away and Tamika and Kenisha made our day so extra special.

    we decided to have a private dinner on the beach that night instead of a reservation at Feathers and it was wonderful.

    book it and be prepared to have an awesome experience.


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    Thank you soo much for the response! I will definately have the candlit dinner for two on the beach! Im so excited.

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