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    Default May 22nd - 27th 2010 1st time

    NAMES: Judy & Marty
    TRAVEL DATES: May 22- May 7th
    FROM: Long Island, NY can't wait ti get out of this snow!!!
    MARRIED: May 25th, 1985 renewing our vows for our 25th!!
    AGES: Judy 47, Marty just turned 50
    KIDS: 1 daughter 18, she is mad not coming with us
    PROFESSIONS: Judy Marketing/Sales, Marty mechanic
    FAVORITE DRINKS: Judy anything with an umbrella, Marty just give him a Bud

    We are so looking forward to this trip. It has been a long time since we had a vaction just the 2 of us. Will be renewing our vows. anyone one up for standing up for us and taking some pictures?????

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    Add you to the May 2010 thread list.

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    I hope Marty likes Red Stripe or Miller Lite no Bud. You are going to love Couples.

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    He will have to deal... lol

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