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    Not that we will be anxious to call home....but...with family, anilmals, business ,etc....ther will be a need. We have found the most convenient way and often the least expensive is to purchase a calling card from the gift shop. can anyone confirm that they are available at the gift shop at CSA.

    Nova Scotia Bluenosers , Peter and Sandra

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    Yes, you can only get the calling cards in Jamaica. I bought mine at the gift shop...they were very inexpensive. Keep in mind that the resort charges $2.00 per phone call to connect you to the calling card line...Don't miss dial a number or you will have to pay a second connection fee.

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    Calling cards for traveling available from ontariophonecards(dot)ca site. This cards could be purchased online and used in many countries including Jamaica. There you can select your city and country and It will provide you details about calling cards.
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