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    Default Beachfront or Atrium?

    We have just booked our wedding today at CSA in May 2010! I am now wondering if I made the right decision in the room choice. We booked the beachfront because the thought of listening to the ocean as we drift off to sleep sold us. Can you hear it from the room? Also, we liked the thought of walking right out of our room to the beach. Now I am having second thoughts.....maybe I should have booked and Atrium and stayed one more night! Is there a chance our beachfront will be on the second floor and we wont be able to walk right out to the beach? How far is the Atrium from the beach and is it really alot more private??? SOMEBODY HELP!!

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    I believe the Atrium had more privacy.. .it's set back from the beach but yet is just blink of an eye's walk to the beach. Plus you get the lovely hammock on your verandah. We did miss having a fridge though... but did not miss the tv. So if you could stay an extra nite, I'd go for the Atrium.

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    Well, your odds are better than 50-50 that you'll get a 2nd floor room. Three of the original Beachfront Suite buildings have a single suite on the bottom floor, the rest have two suites on the bottom floor; all have two suites on the top floor. Unfortunately, there is little to be done to control which floor you get, other than to request (although Couples makes no guarantees in this regard).

    That said, you will most certainly be able to hear the ocean from these rooms... but we find that we can also hear the gentle night time surf from our Atrium Suite.

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    Well thanks for the advice. My TA says its too late to switch. I would lose my flight insurance. So we have the beachfront for four nights. I am completely aware that this is not enough time and I want to stay another night but my TA is not being cooperative.

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    i would call 1800-couples and explain the situation. They may be able to help you our and maybe just charge you the small amount extra (if any) for an extra night in the "cheaper" room (even though it is farrrr from feeling cheap. Good luck.

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    December 2010 will be our first visit to CSA. I love the description of the Atrium rooms, but as I needed a refridgerator to store my medication we have booked a Beachfront suite.

    The only "bad" comment I've heard about the Beachfront rooms is about the amount of foot traffic. Can anyone shed more light on this? Is it so busy as to be annoying?


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    I would inquire about getting my money back, and finding a new TA.
    Co-operation is a must. After all, you want more, not less.
    You put the trip on a card, right? Call them first, make sure they will void transaction if need be.
    Call TA and tell them what YOU want.

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    We've always stayed in the Beachfront Verandah Suite and we've had third floor rooms and first floor rooms. Both were absolutely wonderful and you won't regret your choice regardless of the floor! The view alone is worth it, and we make sure that we're there to watch the sunset everynight - it's perfect! Have a great time!

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    nguc -

    The beach walk at SweptAway is the main thouroughfare for guests and staff to get from one end of the resort to the other, unless, of course, you're walking on the beach itself. This is mostly noticeable during the evening hours as folks are making their way to/from dinner, the Aura Lounge, etc.

    There is also a maze of other walkways on the interior of the accommodations area of the resort, but these, in general, "feed" the beach walk.

    Problematic? In the two or three times we've stayed in the Beachfront Suites, it hasn't been a problem for us; but it is noticeable. It is also be quite evident on International Buffet night and on the Beach Party night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nguc54t View Post
    I needed a refridgerator to store my medication we have booked a Beachfront suite.
    They will provide a small fridge for medications if requested in an Atrium. It will not be stocked with drinks, as they do not provide a mini-bar in these rooms.

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    AHammon's situation is an unfortunate example as to why some of us on this board stress research, research, and more research before booking a trip. Hard to argue against an extra day in paradise as a better option. And of course this really applies to us newbies, being we don't have the luxury of first hand experience from which to draw.

    Hopefully Umberto's suggestions will produce some positive results. I agree, it seems like the TA is not being very flexible, altho we don't know all the details and perhaps the TA's hands are tied.

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    Karen - We love the BFS regardless of the foot traffic. We've found that there is enough foliage to make it feel slightly more private than it would be otherwise, but for that reason, do prefer the 2nd floor rooms. (Just us...)

    In our perfect world, that's where we would stay EVERY trip.

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