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    Default Boats to AN Island CTI

    Having had the most wonderful time at CN last September, we were very tempted to go back. However, we thought we really should try another Couples resort and CTI sounded perfect with the Au Naturel island (even though the Nudist Beach at CN was amazing - with fabulous service from Micha - always ensuring she had enough champagne for us every day!).

    What we would like to know is how often the little boats go over to the isle and back again, as I've read that there is no food to be had on the isle, so we would like to go back to the hotel for lunch and then back over to the isle again.

    Also, having already booked up to go to CTI, I was rather dismayed to read there are only mini bars in the suites, not in all of the rooms - all the rooms & suites have mini bars at CN and we really do like to wake up to a bottle of champagne/sparkling wine, which we got every day in CN, As you can get this at any time in any of the bars, I do not see the difference in having a bottle in the room every day - has anyone managed to get around this? I read that a bucket of ice for water is placed in the rooms every day - would it be possible for them to put a bottle od champagne/sparkling wine in too?!!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the fantastic staff at CN last September who made our holiday (vacation!) sooooooooooo memorable & special hugs & kisses for Simone (Head of Entertainment) from Ali & Peter the Pimp (hope you've still got the pants!!!

    Can't wait for this September & hope we have as wonderful a time at CTI as we did at CN - we met some absolutely fabulous friends - Tracey & Josh (congrats on the forthcoming patter of tiny feet), Dana & Mark, Cindy & Craig, Diane & Eric, Courtney & Rich to name but a few!


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    The boat runs whenever you need it. Just stand on the pier and it will come. Try asking for champagne on the room service menu card. We did it one year for a Birthday and they brought it for us. Have a great time.

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    Alipet, there's a discussion on thi topic on the Au Naturel board.

    Here's a link to the thread:


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