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    Default Hubby wants to buy his clothes in Negril

    Hi everyone got a quick question. My husband is hoping that he will be able to buy his bathing trunks and sleeveless t shirts from the vendors on the CN beach instead of shopping for them here at home. He feels that those items would be more Caribbean style then what he would find back here. Is he right? or will he be making a mistake and possibly be limited on his clothing attire?

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    There is probably some truth in his logic. Tell him to bring his best negotiating skills with him, the vendors enjoy a good negotiation for their wares.

    The upside of being at CN with this approach... if he can't find anything to his liking or anything that fits he can always spend his days on the AN beach... bring lots of sunscreen... LOL

    Good shopping and...


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    Not really... but I don't want to get in the middle of that.

    Not sure if the beach vendors will have much for men... my experience is that, as far as beach wear is concerned, the locals KNOW who the shoppers are (right girls?).

    T-shirts are another story... likewise for brightly colored button down shirts (see picture below.... ;-) ).

    Tell hubby to pack a few sets of trunks, then if he finds something he likes in JA, go for it!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    CN doesn't have many vendors on the beach- he can take a Taxi to Times Square ( small shopping center ) or the shops in town- plenty of T-shirts to find....but he won't have much selection in Shorts.

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    Here's the deal...If he really wants to do this the right way, he needs to go to the AN beach and not return to the clothed until he has purchased is new wardrobe.... Might be watch anyway.

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    OK, from a guys perspective. If he is an average size guy, he can most likely find trunks at the stores in negril or the CN stores ( CN stores are not the cheapest ).

    Warning on shirts etc. from the beach vendors. Most of thier stuff is tie dyed, and most will warn you to wash, in vinigar I think , to set the dye.

    I didnt do that, and after getting them wet, my skin was tie dyed for a week.

    Lastly, if you are on the large size ( I am 6'7" talll and thin ) you may have a hard time finding stuff to properly fit.

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    Thank you everyone for all the replies now I know what direction to go in.
    We, actually me will be doing all his clothes shopping here at home before we leave. My guy just doesn't like to shop, even for himself.

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