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    Default CSA Diving Beginner/Resort Course

    Does anyone know...what days are the beginners/resort course (and dive) offered at CSA? Are the course and dive done the same day? I wasn't sure how accurate the activities page is...Thanks!

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    It was everyday but Sat when I was there recently. The course in the pool and the ocean dive are the same day. Class is at 8:30 with dive following, usually at about 10:30 or 11:00.

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    They are offered Monday through Friday and the dive is immediately following the course.
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    As of November of last year, they did the resort course every day except for Sunday. I don't know if that's changed... But yes, the dive and the course are on the same day. It's great -- you should definitely try it. I would recommend stopping by the SCUBA hut early the day before you want do it to sign up, since they can only train a limited number of people each day.

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    Thanks everyone! I am DEFINITELY going to do it this time! Can't wait!

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