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Thread: CN sand hot??

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    Hello everyone! My fiance and I will be arriving in Jamaica in 23 days for our weddingmoon, we are so excited! We are bringing some family with us, one is my 88 year old great aunt, and i just wanted to know if the sand gets very hot? we are getting married at 11am, and she would like to go barefoot but if it does get too hot we need to find her some shoes to bring along.

    Also, my mom would like to know if the resort has snorkeling gear that you can take and play in the water with? (she's an 8 year old in a 50 year olds body!)

    Thanks everyone in advance, we are first timers and are SO excited!!

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    Not like in the states, we were there last week and it did not burn your feet, nothing like Dudley Moore running from blanket to blanket in the movie 10 !!!!! LOL
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    No, its not very hot at all. We were there last March and didn't have any problems (although we haven't reach the golden age of 88 - yet!!).

    And yes, I belive you can check out snorkle gear from watersports to use on the beach, although there isn't much sealife to see. I would highly recommend the snorkle trip -- it is to a nice reef that has a lot of fish, and the short boat ride is enjoyable as well (you can see much of the shoreline and other resorts...).

    Congrats on the marriage, and have a nice trip!

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    Default Snorkle gear

    The last time we checked they would not check out snorkle gear, its only for the snorkle trips. You can bring your own but there isn't much to see right off shore.

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