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    We have been married for 35 years. My husband is not romantic at all. We are going to CTI on the 20th. Will we be out of place, or is there a possibility that he could be reformed at Couples? I think we need a romance corrections officer LOL.

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    My husband is always the most romantic either, yet at CN he does become reformed. Now if I could just figure out how to carry that magic home with me.

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    I have a feeling that the majority of responses here are going to be from the ladies so I thought I would throw one in for us guys. I am the romantic and my wife isn't. That is, not until we get to Couples. Then she becomes the girl I was dating some 35 years ago.
    Maybe she does this on purpose to make sure we go every year....ummmm?

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    My husband is also the romantic one in our relationship. He tries to reform me constantly, and I really do try hard. I just have a harder time letting go of the stress in my life,and just letting romance take me by the hand. Going to Couples definitely helped me find my romantic side last year, and now I try to recreate some of that feeling here at home by having candlelight dinners and date nights. The hardest part for me is to create the kid-free atmosphere...I'm a teacher,and so it's impossible to get away from the little ones...even when I'm home, I'm thinking about what they did or said. So far the only escape from this has been going to Couples. But don't fret...even those of us who are somewhat lacking in the romance department can be reformed...we just need to go to Couples!

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