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    Default transportation fees???

    I have a quick question. I know you have a fee that you pay for the bus to pick you up at the airport and take you to the couple resort you are staying at and then back to airport. But if you travel from one couples resort to another, do you have to pay for that ride too?

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    If you are moving to another Couples resorts to stay there then there is no charge or if you are going on the Trading Places program there is also no charge.
    If you visit another Couples resort on a 1/2 or full day pass you will have to pay transportation

    There is no charge for transportation from the airport and back to the couples resort you are staying at

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    There is no transportation fee to and from the airport. That is part of the deal you paid for already. I believe transport between resorts is also included

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    There is no fee for the transfers to/from the airport, they are part of the Couples all inclusive package.

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    What others fee to/from the airport. The only thing you would pay for, and of course it's up to you, is to tip the baggage handlers at the airport and your bus driver. They are not Couples employees.

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    You need to offer a correction to the person who told you there was a "fee" for transportation between Couples and the airport. That's just plain old incorrect.

    If your TA told you there was a fee, and collected it in advance, call them on it. They've cheated you.

    If they've simply misinformed you, correct them, and consider a different TA next time... they don't know the product they're selling.

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