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    Default restrictions for checked baggage

    I read on delta's site that you should not carry gels or sprays like hairspray even in checked baggage to an international destination. Is this true? I gotta have my hair spray.

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    If you are looking at the section of their site called Security Check-In, that's for carry-on, I believe. Your checked bags don't go through the same security check in you do. So you have to follow the 3-1-1 TSA rule for carry-on. I wouldn't do aerosol in your checked bag though. Some airports won't allow them (our bug spray was confiscated in Montego a few years ago). Some people have had instances of them not faring well in transit. Happened to friends of ours on a trip a few years ago. Half their clothes were trashed.

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    I must have hair spray, too, but I buy a "pump", not an aerosol. Aerosol cans can sometimes behave badly to pressurization.

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    Gels & sprays are just fine in your checked luggage.

    In my checked suitcase I always (approx. 4x/year) bring hairspray, spray sunscreen, bug spray, Lysol (mini), etc... & have never had anything (except a teeny, tiny camera battery one time leaving Mo Bay) confiscated by the TSA (or leaving the Caribbean/Mexico).

    I DO always pack all toiletry type stuff in double ziplocks (i.e. we just got back from St. Maarten a few weeks ago & going down there, one of the caps on my sunscreen got pushed off & the sunscreen had sprayed a little bit -- but, because of the double ziplocks nothing leaked out of the bags).

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    I also put everything in freezer zip style bags. I had shaving foam not fare well one year. It was a mess, but it was in a bag. I use the bags to bring home wet stuff if needed.

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    The TSA rules state that it IS allowed, in checked bags(aerosols)when it is personal hygiene products......I have always packed 5-6 cans of coppertone 30spf continuous spray for a 9 day trip...done it 4 times so far and all was good

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